Hello, I’m Luca

I’m a digital creator, designing and building websites and applications with passion and commitment. I love being on the cutting-edge of technology and help your company reach their achievements.
Interested in working with me? What are you waiting to get in touch and tell me about your company’s projects and goals, I’m sure we can make awesome things together!

Where all the magic happens.

Frontend, backend, HTML5, Javascript, Obj-C, CSS3, Git, JSON, PHP, SQL, XML, PixelMator, Sublime Text, you name it! I work with lots of different technologies and softwares. Mix and match them for the best results, is my daily job.

Don't panic, I don't spend all my days in front of a screen. Living in the middle of the alps is great for an outdoor lover like me. Wether it's trekking, rock climbing or snowboarding, Nature is my second home.

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